ACT ongoing

How: This customized support program is specifically for companies that need to simplify the documentation, procedures, record-keeping and other activities to maintenance their certification and/or get the most value from the ongoing systems by using fully-outsourced continuing consulting that includes assistance with internal audits, management reviews, documentation and other ISO responsibilities.


Companies already have their own management system or ISO certificate but:

• Over-complicated for your business.

• The system is not understood correctly and doesn’t add much value other than the paper certificate.

• Company’s management staff, representative and/or internal auditors have more daily responsibilities and can’t keep up like they used to.

• The system is disconnected from “normal business and need hands-on professional assistance to help maintain your system. As well, it is hard to maintain with the time and staff available


ACT-On Going Program is tailored based on your specific needs. Generally, it includes the following support:

• Pre-Assessments

• Streamlining or eliminating documentation

• Reviewing the documents and simplifying the procedures and the process.

• Tracking the objectives.

• Providing focused training for management and employees

• Refocusing on customer needs and measurable improvement

• Mentoring your TM, management representative or staff.

• Retraining your internal auditors

• Internal Auditing (virtual or onsite)

• Facilitating Management Review

• Assistance with Corrective and Preventive Actions

• Onsite Support for Surveillance Audits