About the principal

“Esraa AbouAmin is a certified & IRCA registered Lead Auditor ISO 9001 –ISO 14001 –ISO 18001. With extensive experience in theimplementation of management systems and audits of second and third party since 2009. My career started in 2002 as naval architecture and marine engineer in a huge shipyard..I have a bunch professional letters after my name like BSc, MSc, MEM, PM,ISO L.A . During my technical work, I obtained two Masters in Engineering management MSc in 2009 and MEM in 2013 .This has allowed me to learn about different productive processes, audit andcertify for different products inEgyptandCanadabusiness units”

Esraa founded -NISOM -NL ISO & Management Mentor ltd in 2014 responding to market demand for certified, professional and cost-effective Management systems &ISO Auditing, Consulting and Training services.

For the last 15 years, Esraa has worked with companies to (i) develop policies, processes and procedures to meet ISO certification standards or (ii) audit the existing policies, processes and procedures to qualify them for ISO certification. That provides her with a plethora of insight and understanding into the many facets of an organization, and its wide array of business needs.

If your organization is faced with a lack of expertise, resources to respond to the industry needs, or has a competitive bid that needs to be ISO recognition, contact Esraa for a discussion on how she and NISOM can provide assistance all while respecting your time and budget.


We were very lacking in Quality Assurance and Quality Control disciplines and needed third party guidance., After a search and upon reviewing Esraa’s resume, we knew she was very qualified to assist us. Because of her education and international background she brought a global vision to our growing company. We gained great knowledge in QMS and the proper protocols required to be first compliant and secondly certified. Addressing job applications that need improvement and then going through the corrective process and addressing redundancy in the workplace. Addressing both these have led to improved productivity. Through developing our QMS program and manual and guiding us through the proper applications. The resultsof working is Improved productivity, organization and tracking of documents. Results are the best measure and we continue to work towards constant improvement in our QA and QC areas. Companies who wish to compete not only provincially but regionally, nationally or internationally –all need to demonstrate their commitment to Quality programs. I would say to a potential client, Get down of the fence and start to work with you ASAP.

“Paul Lannon, General Manager Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprise”